Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Kind of Polish Do You Want?

Scrangie made a post today of an informal poll asking her followers to write in the comments section what they want to see for nail polish. I wanted to share my answer on my blog as well.

Number one for me is holos, ones like gosh/omg/kaleidoscope, a nice rainbow of them, dark colors, emerald green, varying blues. Multi-chromes (like ozotic, but available in canada). Flakies in many many colors. Blue, green and purples jellies, of all different shades. Magnetic polishes (and for the love of it have them available to canada). More duo-chromes would be nice. Also mixed sized glitters in jelly bases (like lippman), with big hex, small hex, round, flecks. Some space polishes, the ones with a dark blue or black base and so much shimmer and glitter in it that it's like looking through a telescope. And lastly more crackle/shatter in many many more colors (green both light and dark, blue of the same, purple that will actually crack).

It's a decent sized "wish list", but it's all stuff that isn't out there, or available in Canada, especially in my small city.

From reading the comments on Scrangie's post it seems that a lot of us nail polish lovers are looking for the same thing, just that the companies aren't delivering.

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