Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've Been a Bad Girl...

So I redid my budget about a week ago, and I had made the decision to spend less on nail polish to save for some special out of country polish as my birthday present to myself. I started out well, only purchasing 3 items on payday.

Revlon's Berry Haute lipstick, Revlon's Emerald City Matte Suede (was released for xmas, but is now a permanent part of their collection), and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in In The Spotlight (yay bar glitter!).
I have swatched Emerald City on a fake nail as I do know the blogging world was unhappy with it's matte finish when it was released. I have to say, as a matte polish, it's well, just bad, but if you put a top coat on it, it's a very pretty green, and a good addition to any collection.

Yesterday I went to Micheal's to buy some holographic fabric glitter (I'm planning to test this for frankens), and while there I decided to check out the Winners next door.....BIG MISTAKE. So I head to the beauty section and they got new stuff in. I found two different Color Club packs, a Goldie pack, a whole bunch of Cosmetic Arts bottles (never heard of this brand before), and many others. Basically I blew my budget, and am now broke till next pay.

Color Club's Catwalk Queen collection containing (via the back of the package, none of the bottles have name labels on them) Front Row Diva, Runway Muse, Vintage Couture, Ready to Wear, Fashion Addict (wtf? Fashion Addict is suppose to be a lighter pink holo, which I do own) and Catwalk Queen, plus a cuticle softener. So the "Fashion Addict" in this set is a purple cream.
Color Club's Dance to the Musique collection containing Feel the Beat, Velvet Rope, Slow Jam, Electronica (I now have two of these), Groove Thang, After Hours, and a nail strengthener.
None of the Goldie's have a name, the middle one is a light pink, the other two have holo glitter in them (yay holo!). The Cosmetic Arts nail polishes do not have any names on them either. If anyone has any info on this brand please share, as I've never seen or heard of them before. The Chi is called Love That Milky Way Shake. Odd name but it looks promising. Lastly is the two Essie's, Trophy Wife and Aruba Blue.

All except the Essie's are from Winners. I found the Essie's at Shopper's Drug Mart. While I'm happy that they are more available to me now, the price of the drugstore Essie's is 2 dollars more than the salon Essie's. Now I think that is just plain wrong.

The whole time I've been writing this my mom's cat Simon has either been sleeping on the chair snoring loudly, or sleeping beside me snoring loudly. Here's a pic of the cutie.

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