Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recent Haul

This is the whole Tronica Collection, Orly's Royal Velvet, some Sally polishes (the first two have scattered holo glitter, the third is magenta with gold shimmer and the last is a blue shimmer), and Mango Mend (which I've been testing to see how it works for my cuticles).

I found these with the acrylic nail supplies at Sally Beauty Supplies. One is hex glitter, the other is fine holographic glitter. I am hoping that the holographic glitter will work for frankens (really need more holos in my life).

Lastly this arrived in the mail today. It is from the Born Pretty store. Last month I had found a promo code posted on a blog (cannot remember who's now) to get this plate free, which I promptly used. It was right before Chinese New Year, when the store happened to be closed for a while. As you can see, this is the Hello Kitty fauxnad plate.

I'll be sure to post about the Mango Mend, and about the holo glitter to let you know how both work out. I did try some of the hex glitter in clear nail polish to see if it would sink or stay floating, and it sunk to the bottom, and would not come out when I tried to use it as a topcoat. So the hex glitter will have to be used as is as and addition, for nail art.

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