Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shimmer and Glitter

Last night I could not decide what to wear for a manicure today. I did about 3 manicures before I was too tired to change the last one, so I stuck with it. I am not very fond of it, and had zero intentions of taking a photograph of the mani, but at work today I had a lady and her daughter comment on how much they loved it, and they asked where they could purchase the colors. I told them where, but they didn't want to make an extra trip to Sally's beauty supply, so the mother asked me to help her pick out colors at the store that would be easy replacements, which I gladly did. This alone made me so happy. The mother also called the store later on and asked if she could see the rest of the collection (what I was wearing is not out on the sales floor yet) and I told her to come in for my shift tonight and I'll gladly show her the rest. I've actually made up a wheel with the colors that I myself have purchased so she can really see them. I think i'm only missing about 5 colors from the whole collection.

It's the reason why I still photograph my "fails" and post them, because you never know when something that I dislike may inspire someone else. This is also why I started this blog, to share with other people.

The second photo is with flash and is posted to show some of the blue shimmer, which did not show up well in any photograph that I took, compared to how I see it when I am looking at it irl.

I am wearing two coats of a shimmer blue from Sally Beauty Supplies (812097), which is actually more opaque under the lights than it appears in the photos, and three coats of Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters, over the Sally.

The Wet N Wild polish has a smooth finish to it, I only had to use the normal one coat of Seche Vite. It did dry in decent timing, and did have nice coverage. I am not a fan of the brushes on these polishes, they're a bit too big and too splayed for my liking. I also have several uneven cut or extremely splayed brushes in the ones I bought. And as per usual with glitters, this one is a pain to take off.

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