Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still here!

Yes, I am still here. Life has basically been a rollercoaster for me these past few months, which resulted in me not blogging. I plan to resume this blog...as soon as I can find the usb cable for the camera.

Btw, I came upon some awesome deals today. I went out to run an errand and decided to stop by Winners (discounted Designer store) to see if by chance they had any nail polish, and to my delight I found color club collections (7 bottles of polish) price only at 12.99! Such an insanely good price, I picked up 3 of the 6 they had. I also found some Nubar sparkle polish, so I finally own some Nubar, Yay! Definitely a new spot I'm going to have to keep an eye on.

I'm attempting to organize my nail polish collection, amongst the rest of my bedroom :P Soon I might be able to post a picture of my collection as well. I'm also looking for a good way to catalogue my collection, so I don't end up with duplicates. If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a post, thanks!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Haul :P

So finally after a lot of hassle and aggravation my order from Konad arrived. Basically Purolator sucks, big time. My order arrived (Konad company is based in Singapore), but Purolator failed to give me notice in any way shape or form, and decided that since I didn't pick up a parcel that I had no clue had even arrived, they shipped it back to Singapore on me. Luckily a company that works on behalf of Konad in the USA stopped my order in Toronto and got it shipped back to me. I received great service on Konad's part (http://www.konadnailart.com/) and am now gonna be weary each time I make an order that it may come through Purolator :/
My order:

I then found a new place in the city to buy nail polish that I didn't previously know existed and proceeded to make a big haul, also visiting some regular spots.

The Joe polishes are from a Canadian grocery store (Superstore), I found the L'Oreal and Maybelline polishes at Jean Coutu (a Canadian drug store), the bottom 4 are from an accessories store, and the Sally Hansen came free with my bottle of nail polish remover (such an awesome deal).

I kind of hit the jackpot at Trade Secrets. The Essie nail polish was 75% off...yes, 75! The matte OPI was on for 5.99$, and all but the bottom row of OPI designer series was 25% off.

So I spent a bunch, and am now going to try and limit myself for the next while. Can't resist the percentage off coupon from Sally though, so I know I will be spending at least 35$ there next pay. If you have any questions about anything that is pictured just leave a comment :D

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini Haul and NOTD

I ordered some items from bundlemonster.com, and they came in the other day.

I got 21 fauxnad plates at a price of 17.99$ US, and 10 gem/decal/bead wheels for 17.99$ US as well (I believe it is listed as 14000 gems/beads). This is a great deal. The shipping time was very reasonable, and honestly, the plates are a steal! Now if only my Konad order would arrive. One of the gem wheels had a broken cover when it arrived, and some of the little beads fell out, but honestly that isn't a big deal to me, as I originally ordered them for the gems. The plates have a variety of images on them, from full nail, to tips, to smaller images (flowers, hearts, butterflies, animals, sweets, to name a few). All in all I am extremely pleased with this order, I believe it is a great deal for all that I received. I cannot wait to use the plates, and will post if for some reason they aren't of quality once used.


I wanted to play with my dotting tool. The base is 2 coats of Essie- True Love, the tips are OPI- DS Extravagance, and the flower leaves are OPI- DS Tapestry. Unfortunately I don't believe I was able to pick up the holo effects of the OPI polishes in my picture. I also noticed that you can see the staining of my nails through the Essie, despite a base coat. Lesson learned, never wear any nail polish without a base coat (my staining is thanks a pretty Orly green polish). If anyone has suggestions on how to remove/lessen the staining on my nails I would be grateful for your advice.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grey Play

I finally found myself a grey polish (seems to be rare where I live). I wore it for one day, then decided to play with a bit of simple nail art.

This is Gosh - Miss Grey (594), Kiss nail art paint in Black, and some black rhinestones that I found at a craft store. I also used Essie - Matte About You before I applied the rhinestone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NOTD - Real Flowers!

As I was going through some older art supplies of mine I found dried flowers that I had purchased to make paper years ago and it struck me, I must incorporate them into a mani!

The polishes used are Rimmel-Princess Pink as a base, and on top of the flowers a coat each of Orly-Love Each Other, and Fifty-Four.
Surprisingly the flowers hold up well, as none have started to come off yet (I've now been wearing this mani for 3 days).
I apologize for the messyness of around my nails, you never notice it until a picture like that is taken.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I would like to say welcome and thanks to everyone reading this blog. I have decided to create a blog to share my love of nail polish. I may also include some makeup, beauty products and art, dependent on my mood. I hope you find inspiration and maybe even find out something you didn't know by reading future posts.