Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mint, With Sprinkles!

I decided the other morning to make a play on my previous franken, Frosted Cake. I wanted to use the same idea of the the jelly with glitter, but a nice minty green this time. I rather like the color that came out, but it seems a little short on the glitter.

(without flash, 3 coats)

(with flash)

I used the same polishes as last time, Essie Waltz (really love this jelly white for frankens, need more!), Wet N Wild Party of Five Glitters, and two different mint greens that I had in my collection, and some clear nail polish. It's got a nice smooth formula for all that is mixed together, goes on really well.  I'm thinking about making 2 more frankens that play on this (and will use the last of my Essie Waltz).  I know I want one to be purplish, but am unsure of the fourth color.  What do you think?