Friday, November 11, 2011

I Am Back!

As the title states, I am back! I do apologize for such a long absence. Since my last post I've dealt with increased work stress, which is now gone as I have a new job, with a nice regular schedule and guaranteed days off (so so so ecstatic for this!). I had also cut and bitten (so horrible of me) all my nails shortly after my last post, and they stayed that way until recently. I get frustrated trying to polish stubby nails and tend to take less care of them, so I felt it not in anyone's best interest to see pictures of that mess. Also the main reason why I wasn't able to blog was because my laptop's video card went kaput on me. All I had was a computer that is about 7 years old that isn't great for any of the activities I use mine for. Now I have a brand new laptop that is just perfect, but I still haven't fully transferred all my old info onto it. I have been polishing my nails again, and have taken some pictures (gotta find my previous editing program) that I will hopefully be able to create a post soon. I also have been rethinking my spending and have not been buying a lot of polish lately (trying my hardest to stay away from shopping, period).
That's it for now, happy polishing!


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