Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starry Franken

I present to you a franken that I love. It is a dark blue jelly with 3 different types of silver glitter in it, one so fine it reflects as little particles when hit by light.

and with flash:

The polishes used are Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in "Diamonds" (this is the really fine glitter that adds the extra WOW factor), Orly "La Playa" for the blue base, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails clear (any clear base will do though) and two really old and really cheap silver glitters of mine (they are about 10 years old, yet still like new, apart from the yellowing of the base).

Sadly I could not capture the true beauty of this polish with my camera. You can see the bigger silver glitter suspended between the layers, and as you move your fingers the little twinkling of the fine fine glitter of the Sally Hansen. I think I may end up wearing this again today when I put on new fake nails (sadly, I had to cut down my nails, and have nubs atm, these pictures are of my real nails, however).

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