Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Glitter....so pretty!

Figured I would get a post in while I am at home, sick again (have had laryngitis for over a week now). This is the mani that I am currently sporting. It's very unlike me, as I'm not a fan of red polishes for some unknown reason. Alas I was in an odd mood the other night, wanted something quick, easy to apply, bright and blingy. Those wants usually lead me to a glitter :P

This is a pretty red glitter from Color Club, 3 coats. Sadly my bottles do not have any names on them, but it is from a more recent glitter collection. The glitters in this collection (came as 7 together) are very easy to apply, and aren't too chunky or rough, requiring only one coat of top coat to satisfy my tastes.

On a side note, if anyone knows how to fix the blurryness of my camera it would be really helpful. I use a sony cybershot (nothing fancy, sadly), and do not have a pedestal for it, so I have to hold it as still as I can while taking my shots.

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