Friday, May 6, 2011


Today I have a very fun nail polish to show you. It's Flirty/Shy from Claire's Mood Polish line.

(as my hands were at the time)



(showing the mixture of cold and warm)

Now it did not show well in my photograph because my hands were too cold at the time, but normally if you have longer nails you will see that where your nail bed is it's the lighter color (warm) and once your nails are past your nail bed it becomes dark (cold). The last picture does show the opposite way of how the colors normally show up (had to use water to get it to change color). So you end up with a very interesting french like manicure, with less work.

This polish had a nice application, and actually dries in an odd semi-matte plastic finish, so you do need a top coat to make it look nice. Tip wear was about my only problem with this polish, as it happened quite fast. It was really fun to wear though, and I loved the "french" manicure effect it created. I found it so fun that I went out and bought two other colors yesterday.

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