Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mini Haul and Easter Eggs

I saw a displayer being put up the other day at work and promptly went over to it to grab the new polishes. They were the Wet n Wild spring colors.

There names are, starting with the blue, Bird Bath, Garden Hose, Collecting Pollen, Laughing Lilac, Cherry Blossom and Sunburst.

I proceeded to use all these colors for my Easter mani.

I did a skittles mani, and used my dotting tool with the magenta polish (Laughing Lilac) to do the dots, and the brush on the other end to do the squiggled line. A representation of the Easter egg.

I was not too impressed with the polishes. The blue and green were okay in 3 coats, the pink and orange could have probably used a 4th, and the yellow, even at 4 coats still was uneven. Also after not even a full day I had a lot of tipwear.

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  1. These colours are perfect for Easter eggs. You did a great job!